Repair Centre

Here at Swegway we offer all kinds of repairs, parts and services for Swegways out of our head office. 

If you did not purchase your Swegway from us we still may be able to help. It could be that one of your lights have stopped working, your battery isn't holding charge or your Swegway just isn't performing as it should. 


The easiest way to book is to use the link above for a fast turnaround. Alternatively you can submit an enquiry through our contact us page and one of our technicians will be in touch within 48 Hours. 

PLEASE NOTE: We do not offer a drop-in repair service. Please book an appointment for repairs. 

Please note that you can book repairs for wear and tear parts not covered under warranty through this page. Sensor wear and tear is not covered under warranty due to this being heavily affected by how heavily used the board is. Indication that a sensor has worn down is one or both footpads no longer responding to foot pressure.