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Why Buy Your Swegway From Us

  • We have trained repair centres throughout the UK which are there to put anything right if something does go wrong
  • Our customer helpline runs 6 days a week, so when something unexpected happens or you simply have a question which is niggling away, our friendly staff are on hand to help!
  • We're the ONLY Swegway company in the UK to provide UL Certified Swegways.
  • We are the only online retailer of Swegways in the UK to have a physical store
  • You can pay us a visit to clear up any queries, ask questions you may have or go for a demo
  • All of UKSwegway.com’s models are fitted with premium LG or Samsung batteries and the danger of overheating or overcharging is eliminated through cut-off switches
  • We offer a one year warranty on all of our Swegways