Your chance to win free hoverboard lessons over this weekend! – SWEGWAY

Your chance to win free hoverboard lessons over this weekend!



This weekend marks a very important time of the year here in Sheffield. Over the coming weekend, Sheffield will play host to the Tramlines music festival; the festival is held in the heart of the city, providing a huge array of stages to bring a diverse range of music to the people of Sheffield. As you may be aware, we are based on Devonshire street, a stones throw away from Devonshire green.

We want to get some of you involved in what we do down here at Swegway over this weekend. Don’t worry we won’t necessarily be pushing you to purchase some of our products, we just want you to get involved in the overall experience! You will notice on the day that we will be handing out flyers around the Devonshire Green area. What we are offering for you guys are to come to our store in the Forum shopping centre, visit our Facebook page and check in. Once you have done this, show your post to a member of staff and you will be able to bag yourself a free hover board lesson!

We hope you are all looking forward to the weekend and are excited about the possibility of winning some free hoverboard lessons in store!

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  • Jamie Tyler