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You need brilliant balance to perform these insane Swegway tricks!


We have discussed balancing on a Swegway multiple times, and we generally find ourselves impressed at the level of virtuosity that many users showcase. These guys, however, these guys are a different breed altogether. I'd say these guys go beyond simply being able to impress your mates, these lads are serious pros when it comes to spinning and twisting on a Swegway.

It's like they have their feet stuck to the Swegway, riding up and over any surface imaginable in an urban environment, heck they even go off-road a couple of times just to hit home the level of multi-purpose use that the Swegway Classic holds. 

If you are stepping on a Swegway for the first time, the idea of riding up and down a curb will seem like an impossible, daunting task which is years beyond what you are currently able to do. Picking up the Swegway can actually be pretty simple and can come about pretty quickly.

These lads take full advantage of the lightweight, sleek design of the Swegway Classic by spinning it with one foot on it, riding up a curb, jumping from one Swegway to another with ease and many more cool little stunts and tricks. These guys would have a very hard time performing these spins and flips on a much bulkier model such as the X-Trail or the Grande which boast a generally larger frame and wheel-base.

The way they spin the board whilst simultaneously jumping and landing back on it once it has turned 180 degrees reminds of the way a skateboarder would perform a trick on the street. Most impressive!

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