Why UK Swegways is still the number one Swegway retailer

January 03, 2017
Why UK Swegways is still the number one Swegway retailer


We know there is a vast range of retailers to buy from when it comes to buying your new Swegway.

As like any other customer it is important you look around for who can give you the best deal, what their customers say and what the supplier is like. 

Safety is also another HUGE thing to consider when buying a Swegway, that's why we're happy to say ALL of our products are UL certified to British standards.

We are the number one online supplier of Swegways in the UK. With thousands of happy Swegway owners under our belt, read on to find out why UK Swegways are number one, and always will be...


Value for money

You will find that all of our boards are extremely competitive on price however that is not to say you will not find cheaper on certain websites. However, do be careful when making these purchases, they could be of danger to your family, it is always important you consider:

  • Are the boards being shipped from the UK or elsewhere in the world?
  • Are the boards made with cheap parts?
  • Are the boards fully UL tested?
  • What level of customer service will you receive in case of any problems?


Every single board that we sell is properly inspected by UL specialists and tested before it is sent to you. Along with that, all boards are made with high quality components ensuing your board is not only safe but also durable. We are the only Swegway store in the UK with a physical shop, which you can visit!

We don’t want to just give you a great priced board but also a board of the highest quality.

Our variety of products

We stock a massive range of Swegways but we also have great deals on lots of other items too. Along with all our boards you can also purchase accessories including: Decals, Sweg-skins, bags, protection strips and the Ninebot.

When it comes to the range we have on offer, we really are number one!


Quick Delivery

With Christmas quickly out of the way, you can order your Swegway hoverboard and get it delivered in 48 hours.

Customer service

Should any problems arise with your new Swegway hoverboard it is important to note that we are just a phone call away, or you can visit our shop on division street, Sheffield.

Our team are on hand 7 days a week should you have any problems and we are based here in Sheffield, UK.

We are always here to help you in any way that we can.


Check out UK Swegways awesome selection of safe and tested Swegways here. 

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