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Why the Swegkart will change the way you ride FOREVER


We introduced something amazing to our online store this week, and we can’t wait to tell you about it.

As you can see, we’re pretty excited about our existing online range of swegways just the way they are. We love everything from first receiving your board, right up to mastering your own incredible cruising control, eventually building up to tricks and spins.

We also, however, love change and think it’s fantastic when our regular swegway is updated to enable you to engage with a whole new way of riding.

If you have ever thought about what it would be like to enjoy seated riding, we have got your back with the Swegkart!

Since discovering this brand new and frankly rather life-changing alternative way to have more fun on our swegway, we’ve been pondering exactly what it is about turning your Swegway into a GoKart that’s so appealing.

1. It’s chill

So there is definitely a slight element of laziness within us which equates to why we love this so much. We get the chance to enjoy our boards, with minimised effort, while we’re sitting down. That’s the dream!

Travelling around via Swegway is always fun and entertaining, but the Swegkart takes balancing out of the picture entirely.

2. Reignite your passion for riding!

We’re the exact opposite of bored by our Swegways, but we’re absolutely mesmerised by this new addition to the swegway family. If you’ve started to become lax with the use of your swegway, we can bet that the Swegkart will reignite the desire to get out there and get riding all over again.

3. Experience real speed!

How else would you able to create a GoKart in 15 minutes and enjoy speeding around on it? It’s a very speedy way to ride and you can get that exciting GoKart feeling without heading down to a track.

Wherever you are, you can experience the rush of bombing around on your Swegkart!

4. Exciting possibilities

If you’re lucky enough to have two Swegkarts in your household or you happen to have a friend with one, you can take part in exciting  races. Whether you’re competing for a prize or you just want to prove who’s  the fastest, this will give you hours upon hours of exciting entertainment.

5. Curiousity!

Admit it, the moment you saw the Swegkart, you were desperate to know exactly what it feels like to switch up your board in such a fun, exciting way.
It’s highly likely that once you know what it’s like to ride in this fantastic way, you may never want to return to your usual Swegway use. Don’t pretend we didn’t warn you!.

So, what are you waiting for, buy yours here.

Alternatively, enter our competition to win your own for FREE HERE.


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