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Why our Swegways are the ultimate Christmas gift


Halloween is almost over, and it’s now time to look towards our nation's favourite holiday, Christmas!

A time where kids everywhere anxiously await the countdown to Christmas day.
Naturally, kids are always after the latest trend and this year that trend is the Swegway.

You only have to look in the shops and on social media to see that the excitement around Swegways is ever-growing.

If you are looking for a gift for your child this Christmas, then look no further than a brand new Swegway. No doubt your child has mentioned this nifty device already.

Here we have five reasons to buy your child the ultimate Christmas gift:

1. They will be the top trend, yet again!

Every Christmas there is a frenzy surrounding one particular present that every child wants to receive. Last year it was the Swegway and guess what!  This year is set to the be the exact same.

This time last year the Swegway was the first item on their Christmas list for many children and this year is set to be the same.
With our range of Swegways ever-growing we can offer an even wider range than ever before, plus extra additions like the Swegkart. We are definitely prepared for a very busy few months in the countdown to Christmas.

2. They are affordable

The fantastic news for parents is that Swegway’s are actually very affordable! Our boards start at just £249.99 and are available in a range of exciting colours to suit your child’s personality and wants.

Our boards then go up in price based on size and features. For example, a board with bluetooth of a chrome finish will be more expensive.

Often when a child asks their parent for a gift like a Swegway, the parent can only see the cost and not the benefits. However, our range really makes the potential of your child having a board this Christmas more than possible.

3. They are great fun for everyone

    There is no doubt that your kids will have numerous hours of fun on their board but we guarantee that you will be desperate to have a cheeky go too.
    Once you have tried it the chances are you will catch the Swegway bug.

    It can take a little time to master how to maneuver a board so most parents enjoy the challenge of getting it right, once that is done it opens you up to a whole range of exciting Swegway tricks to shock your littles ones with.
    One of the greatest things about a Swegway is that it can help bring both parents and children together for some fun times.

    4. Swegways are not specific

      Due to the extensive range of colours, sizes and styles you will find there will always be a board that will definitely suit your child. Swegways are made for everyone, there is no gender specific or age-based style.

      5. Swegways are always advancing

        Swegways have been on the scene for a couple of years and are still on the up. Plus, with Swegway technology constantly advancing there will always be upgrades and new features constantly being added to improve your Swegway experience.

        We certainly expect the Swegway to be the ultimate choice of Christmas present yet again this year.


        Check out UK Swegways awesome selection of safe and tested Swegways here.

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        • Gareth A