Which is the best celebrity Swegway endorsement?

July 06, 2017
Which is the best celebrity Swegway endorsement?

In terms of Swegway icons, there are many, alongside its brilliant functionality and sleek design, this was perhaps one of the major factors for the small, two-wheeled device taking the world by storm. From teenage heartthrobs such as Brooklyn Beckham to, well, former teenage heartthrobs like Justin Bieber and Chris Brown, everyone just loves the Swegway.

My renewed interest in the celebrity endorsement side of the Swegway came about as a result of Brooklyn Beckham's new book, What I See, wherein he is seen using a Swegway multiple times sandwiched between intimate photographs of one of the most private and well-respected families in the celebrity world.

This made me think of all the celebs who have used Swegways, but who did it best?

Justin Bieber

The former teenage heartthrob turned pop bad-boy has been spotted out on Swegways on multiple occasions, you could consider him one of the earliest to pick up the trend. He has showcased both the fun side of the Swegway, as well as the practicality of the device as transport, being seen doing tricks in a carpark one day while using one another day to travel down an airstrip towards his private jet. Here his pictured above using an X-Trail.

Usain Bolt

Even the fastest man alive needs to rest his legs sometimes. Bolt has been seen using a Swegway to travel through airports and across short distances. Perhaps it is the perfect remedy for the weary legs of one of the greatest athletes in history.

Brooklyn Beckham


Brooklyn Beckham is a hot commodity in the world right now, fresh off the release of his first ever photography book, at 19 the eldest child of clan Beckham is ready to take the world by storm. From modeling to photography Beckham does it all, and how does he like to get around from place to place throughout his busy schedule you ask? He uses a Swegway of course! But he doesn't just use a Swegway for getting about, check out this video of him dancing on Swegway.

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