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What's the difference between a Segway and a Swegway?


The Swegway and the Segway are often confused as they have almost identical names and functions, but are actually two very different self balancing boards.

We've compiled a list of the main differences between the two:

1- Appearance

The Segway looks bulky with a navigating stick attached to the base of the middle of the board.

The Swegway is smaller, and doesn't have a navigating stick. Swegway's also have a glossier finish.

2. Navigation

A Segway is controlled by using the navigating stick, you simply move the stick between the legs or, if it's a hand-controlled board you'll use the handlebars.

The Segway is a very simple device to navigate.

The Swegway on the other hand takes a little bit of practice/skill to master and a person who wishes to ride it must first learn to balance on it. 

The Swegway is navigated by applying the body weight, via the feet in the direction the rider wishes to go; if the rider wants to move forward than he has to apply the body weight in front of the feet and vice versa.

3. Pricing

A Segway can be pricey when compared to a Swegway. Averaging around £1,000 for the Segway Mini, whereas, Swegways average around £270.


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