UK Swegways is the original and most reputable Swegway retailer - says – SWEGWAY

UK Swegways is the original and most reputable Swegway retailer - says The Express



There have been numerous incidents in the press of Swegways going up in flames or malfunctioning.  

This is all down to how an excess of cheaply made replicas are flooding the online market.

UK Swegways ONLY use high-quality, UL certified parts to ensure you will never encounter any of these problems.

The Express reports:

'Lots of Swegway companies are popping up, so knowing the right ones to buy from is crucial.'

The firm that brought this type of hoverboard to Britain last year is Swegwayuk Ltd, trading through its site

Based in Sheffield it features a manufacturer-trained repair centre and a physical store. 

The company’s Director, Laura Hodgkinson told Crusader: “Enormous demand has led to a black market which has led to a nightmare for customers and genuine traders like us.”

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Other related issues with these cheaply manufactured replica products can include:

  • Non-stop beeping sounds while riding the boards
  • LED lights flickering on and off
  • Parts getting loose after riding
  • When battery dies the boards suddenly stop while moving
  • Foot sensor does not read properly and rides slowly

We Stand By Our Products.

  • 12-month manufacturers warranty
  • Every Swegway is quality tested in the UK before being shipped out
  • Certified safe parts and batteries
  • Rapid responses to any questions you may have
  • All of our products are UL Tested.


Check out UK Swegways awesome selection of safe and tested Swegways here.

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