Top Swegway modification videos

July 13, 2017
Top Swegway modification videos

Let me first kick off proceedings by saying that we would not recommend that you try to modify your Swegway at home, you could end up breaking it and making it worse instead of upgrading it.

Nonetheless, watching people modify their Swegways is really fun to watch, they range from the 'why would you do that??' to the 'awesome!' and rarely fall inbetween. For this piece, however, I will probably just focus on the good ones as I don't really want to see anyone messing up and essentially destroying their hoverboard. So, without further a do, let's take a look at some of the top Swegway modifications that YouTube has to offer.

World's Fastest Swegway


This modification may look slightly crude, however, that does not mean that it is not effective. This Swegway reaches almost 20mph, which may not seem like much in the modern world of supercars and the like but for a Swegway that is pretty crazy. 

 Swegway... Rickshaw?

This one is a bit of an odd one, as I couldn't say with certainty what exactly it is but to me it's reminiscent of a rickshaw taxi. Obviously, at its most basic it is a trailer you would normally attach to a bicycle which has been modified to fit a Swegway. This is pretty impressive. Taking into account the weight and size of the trailer, this is pretty impressive as it moves well and swiftly.

Lego Swegway


Legway? Legoway? Who knows, either way, this is pretty cool. It doesn't really add too much to the overall ability of the Swegway but it is pretty cool aesthetically. It is by the same guys as the first video so you know it is well worth a watch!

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