Top 3 Swegway rumours, debunked!

October 25, 2016
Top 3 Swegway rumours, debunked!

As with any new product pandemonium, there are a always a ton of myths and plenty of misinformation flying around about self-­balancing hands­-free boards. 

Things are repeated out of context, rumours are spread, and before you can say ‘christ that’s a swegway!’, a myth is born. So, here we show you three of the top myths surrounding balance boards and explain why these are false

All brands of hover boards are basically the same 

This myth comes from the fact that most hoverboards are majority made in China, and
that some brands are feature highly similar models. However, there are numerous different manufacturers of hover-boards and they are using different plans and working with different materials. 

All Swegway balance boards are inherently dangerous

All Swegways aren’t inherently dangerous unless you consider skate-boarding, roller skating and riding a bike to be dangerous.

As with any sporting activity that could result in spills or falls, it’s advised to wear safety gear as a precaution, including helmets, knee pads, and elbow pads. Most activities in our lives are as dangerous as we let them be—hoverboards are no exception.

All Swegway balance boards catch on fire

Recently there have been several reports of self­-balancing hover-boards catching on fire, exploding,etc. These reports have, understandably, made many people concerned about purchasing and using these products. Remember, not all boards are created equally or by the same manufacturer.

“Why” those boards were reported to have caught fire is not a mystery: they had substandard batteries with insufficient protections, and they may have also had substandard chargers. This is not the case with top brands. Top brands like UK  Swegways use brand name batteries and reliable chargers that always comply with safety regulations.

Gareth A