Throwback: UK Swegways interviewed by national newspaper - here's what – SWEGWAY

Throwback: UK Swegways interviewed by national newspaper - here's what they asked


UK Swegways are always secure, safe, trusted and tested. National press came to interview us last year, here’s what they had to say.

UK Swegways were born after owners Laura Hodgkinson and Carols Forbes found themselves left feeling uncomfortable when asked to spend hundreds of pounds on a Swegway they weren’t fully informed on.

Given absolutely no guidance on what they were getting, Hodgkinson and Forbes decided to take on this amazing product for themselves and give customers the information and customer care they deserve. They really have gone the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction and provide important information to advise first time buyers.

Tried and tested by celebrities such as Justin Bieber, and Wiz Khalifa. Swegways are ever-growing and more in demand than ever before. At weekends, people have been queueing outside UKSwegways to get their hands on one of these brand new gadgets.
With such high demands, products are literally flying off the shelves with UKSwegways selling between 40-50 Swegways a day on their online store, and 15 boards in store at the weekend.

“People will bring their kids in, and then the parents will jump on board and say they want one too!” - Laura. “The phone goes all day, every day. People want the reassurance of speaking to a human who can tell them all about it.”

Prices range from £309 to £400 a board, depending on what special additions you require. But one thing is for sure, they are absolutely worth the money.

Check out UK Swegways awesome selection of safe and tested Swegways here.


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