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This is a different take on your normal hoverboard...


We're pretty used to the traditional hoverboards that we see in 2016 - you know the ones, two wheels, a horizontal panel for you to stand on with gyroscopic technology moving you back and forward. However, a bright inventor from Japan has come up with a fairly different take on the traditional hoverboard, taking the traditional and making it a little bit more unique...

Marketed as the 'first bag in a car' the slender Walkcar revolutonises the very conventions of a hoverkart to provide by using 4 wheels with one aluminium platform to provide a singular square shaped pad for the user to stand on. This interesting take results in the board weighing an impressive 2-3 kilograms, allowing the user to reach a top speed of 10km/h; that puts it on par with the Classic Hoverboards that we offer here! The owner of the invention, Kuinako Saito says that the lightweight board coupled with an intuitive lithium battery means the user would be able to push a friend or family member on a wheelchair with relative ease! 

To use the Walkcar, riders simply hop on the board to start it and hop off to stop it. To turn left or right, users simply shift their weight to either side - so they do have gyroscopic tehcnology in them! 

The board has been around for quite some time now; Cocoa Motors wanted to sell the Walkcar in spring of this year at around $800, translating to approximately £600, so a pretty hefty price tag! Want more information? Check out the video below:

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  • Jamie Tyler