This family turn their driveway into an awesome Swegway racecourse

April 24, 2017
This family turn their driveway into an awesome Swegway racecourse

Family challenges really show off the Swegway as a fun for all ages device, also who doesn't love a good family challenge? They are generally heartwarming, competitive and most of all entertaining in every sense.

This family makes full use of their snaking, tarmac drive to create a simple Swegway course which involves nice flat straights which allow for speed coupled with cones which must be carefully and skillfully navigated if one hopes for victory.

The family's course design is pretty simplistic in terms of it's design, consisting of mainly chalk lines on the floor to outline the direction of the course coupled with a selection of carefully positioned cones creating sharp bends and turns.,

The course itself looks pretty easy upon first glance, however, once the family begin the challenge you realise it is quite the opposite. The lines must be followed properly in this challenge, meaning no cutting corners and no veering off, the lines must be followed perfectly and the cones must be navigated expertly.

Luckily everyone manages to stick to the course guidelines and the video makes for genuine entertainment.

It really does make you want to emulate or try a similar thing with your friends and/or family!

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