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Things you never knew about Swegways


Amidst the crazy popularity of Swegways, it is easy to forget that they are brilliant pieces of technology at a very affordable price, which can also enhance our lives brilliantly. Not only this, but there are a number of other, somewhat surprising, benefits which can come with riding on a two-wheeled hoverboard.

No maintenance cost

Swegways are very durable, meaning it is rare that you will have to take one in to be fixed, also they run on electricity which means that they will never have to be checked for emissions. Unlike many other forms of transportations, Swegways are easily stored, which means there is no need to designate a specific place in your home for your hoverboard.


As previously mentioned, hoverboards run on a purely electric, rechargeable battery and require no oil in the slightest to maintain. Obviously, there are also zero poisonous or harmful gasses emitted from a Swegway, which means they are beneficial forms of transport for both other people and the environment.

Easy To Use

Swegways are pretty easy to use. You essentially just need to stand on one and alter the pressure from different sides of your body. Obviously, it will take a couple of minutes to pick up, but after that, it's plain sailing, you will soon be able to surge forward and weave in and out of obstacles with ease.

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