These Youtubers organised an awesome Swegway race

May 25, 2017
These Youtubers organised an awesome Swegway race

As previous videos we have posted have shown, there are tons of uses for a Swegway, including some totally bonkers ideas. The basis for many ideas includes a challenge of some sort. This is a fun and entertaining way to show off the capabilities and versatility of a Swegway.

While we love seeing people spinning, flipping, going down ramps etc on their Swegways, sometimes there is a certain beauty born out of simplicity, and what is more simple than an old fashioned race? 

Don't be fooled, however, this is not your average run-of-the-mill drag race!

A couple of known vloggers met up for a Swegway race of epic proportions, really showcasing the attributes of these brilliant devices. The wide, suburban, American roads allow for the Swegway users to really go all out. 

The basis for the race is pretty simple, it is essentially just a drag race, only with a couple of corners thrown in for good measure. The nice flat road surfaces allow for the Swegways to surge forward at optimum speed and also smoothly turn and spin.

These lads also showcase some pretty sharp skills on their hover-boards, showing they have experience using the two-wheeled devices, although there is at least one who looks shaky to begin with. However, come the videos end, all the vloggers look like seasoned veterans on their Swegways.

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