The top Swegway trick videos

June 29, 2017
The top Swegway trick videos

Swegways are pretty simple to ride, but total mastery is like an art form, meaning that tricks can be, well, tricky!

There are tons of trick videos out there, some good, some bad but some are absolutely brilliant. You can see they have clearly taken time to master the art of the Swegway. Spinning, flipping and turning, these pros make it their mission to show off just about everything earthly possible on a Swegway.

Here are some of the best YouTube has to offer in terms of Swegway videos.


This one is pretty much a classic when it comes to Swegway trick videos. This kid is seriously skilled. I don't know what this 7-year-old's parents have been feeding him but it must be something that makes him able to perform amazing stunts on a Swegway! Perhaps it's not so much the kid's technique so much as his uncanny ability to balance, seriously it's as if this kid's feet are actually glued to the Swegway, I highly recommend watching to see how good he actually is.



I am including this one mainly because I like the premise. These guys take their Swegways to the park and let the kids their play around on them. Pretty simple in theory, but heartwarming in practice. There is actually some pretty good tricks mind you.



The level of coordination it takes to pull something like this off is pretty impressive. These kids seriously know what they're doing. Watch as they swerve through Hollywood in unison and hop off the curb one after another. This may be one of the best ones out there.

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