The top 5 Swegway fails of 2016

October 27, 2016
The top 5 Swegway fails of 2016


We've all witnessed some epic Swegway fails since they sky-rocketed into popularity last year.

Be it your dad face-planting your kitchen floor or your best friend getting cocky with his 360's and almost breaking his arm. 

We've listed our top 5 Swegway fails of this year:

1) Dad kisses the kitchen floor

This one looks painful! 

2) 360 fail

This guy got really cocky with his Sweg-tricks. Note to self: Don't duct tape your feet to a Segway...


3) Christmas tree drop-kick


Christmas – it brings out the worst in Swegway riders! 

4) Girl vs table

First time rider? We think so. 

5) Hoverboard ghosting prank

This one has a twist - these guys are falling off, wait for it, on purpose!


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B Ammermann