The top 4 HIDDEN benefits of riding a Swegway

November 10, 2016
The top 4 HIDDEN benefits of riding a Swegway

So you’ve probably already decided that you want a Swegway, and who wouldn’t? But if you’re still undecided here are some pro’s to purchasing the UK’s hottest gadget.

Low Operation and Maintenance Cost

Cars and motorbikes are not definitely the opposite of easy to maintain, this is because of the obvious high fuel prices and the extremely high cost of repair and maintenance.
A Swegway does not require fuel, as it runs off of a rechargeable battery, meaning it has very low maintenance cost indeed. You need only to recharge the batteries once they run out of power.

It Is Eco-Friendly

The Swegway uses rechargeable lithium batteries, which contain zero emission. A Swegway is also soundless and so it does not cause noise pollution the way cars and motorcycles do. Many companies are coming round to the idea of using electronic transport in order to help reduce their carbon footprint.

Multiple Applications

You can use a Swegway for both transport and sports purposes. An electric scooter can carry as much as 150 kg,so you can use your Swegway to go food shopping/clothes shopping from any of your local stores. Swegways are a fantastic alternative for bikes and motorcycles.

Highly Convenient

Some companies use self-balancing scooters to carry people from one location to another as a Swegway can access places where other vehicles cannot. It is possible to use a Swegway and provides convenient transportation reducing the workload and human effort in the transportation.


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B Ammermann