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The MUST-HAVE extras for your Swegway


Whether you looking to invest in a Swegway as a Christmas gift, or you already own a board there are a wide range of accessories available to accompany your board.

Each accessory can add to your Swegway experience. Here is an extensive list of the different options you can choose.


Safety is extremely important, especially for a first time rider. Which is why we can offer you a range of accessories centred around keeping you and your board safe.

With a wide range of colours and sizes for both children and adults, with added comfort and precise fitting, our helmets are an addition we would recommend for all Swegway riders.

Swegway Cover

Add your own Swegway personality with a cool Swegway cover (coming in a wide range of colours and patterns). Not only does a cover look exciting, it also serves as an added protection for your board by fitting around it comfortably.

They are specifically designed to absorb shock from any impact, which of course helps your board stay protected should you have any little incidents.

If you want to protect and change the look of your board these are the perfect option.

Protective Strips

Simply protective strips fit over your Swegway wheel arches to help protect your board. They will definitely serve as long term protection and are super easy to fit.

You’d be daft not too - get one here.

Shoulder Carry Bag

Each of our Swegways already comes complete with a FREE carry case but we also offer an additional 8" carry kit for super easy transportation of your board.

The Swegway carry bag come with shoulder straps so you can use as a backpack so you can carry your board with ease. Perfect for an avid Swegway rider!

Hoverkart Kit

The Swegway Hoverkart add-on is simple to attach and can transform your Swegway into a super fun Go-Kart.

You can attach the kit to any 6”, 8” or 10” board, plus, it is suitable for both adults and children so everyone can join in the fun. You just adjust it to fit.

It is super addictive fun and you can get yours here for just £149.99.


Check out UK Swegways awesome selection of safe and tested Swegways here.

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