The 6 TOP Pieces of Swegway News That You Wish You Knew In 2016 – SWEGWAY

The 6 TOP Pieces of Swegway News That You Wish You Knew In 2016


We have been closely following Swegway industry news and trends to keep you in the loop. Here is everything you need to know right now about hoverboards in 2016:

1. UK Swegway sell UL Certified Swegways

The international authority for electrical safety, UL, announced that they have opened applications for hoverboard manufacturers to submit their product for safety testing.

This will ensure that other companies will be able to sell self-balancing scooters safely along with those already available.

2. Swegways are getting their own EXPO next year

The hype is real and not slowing down. The exposition for all things personal transportation and Swegways is set to debut in January 2017. The host city has been chosen to be Los Angeles, USA.

3. Look out for UK Swegways products to ensure the Swegway is safe
The UL symbol is a universal symbol of trust and safety. Any good electrical device should have it. Check the list above (#3) to see which hoverboard is the best. ALL of our Swegways are UL certified.

4. Laboratories have been testing Swegways!

The amazing and surprising consumer interest in Swegways has led toLaboratories taking a close look at the rechargeable batteries within hoverboards and their components to see how well they perform.


Check out UK Swegways awesome selection of safe and tested Swegways here.


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