Swegway pricing: Why you should NEVER buy a cheap Swegway

November 24, 2016
Swegway pricing: Why you should NEVER buy a cheap Swegway


The difference in price for Swegway boards can be quite confusing to buyers. As a new product to the market the prices can vary to a huge extent, for what looks like the same product.

Don't be fooled.

For example we have seen our Swegway classic (£289 in our Black Friday sale) retailing up to £600.

You can also find similar looking products for next to nothing, but of course we would strongly advise against purchasing these boards.

They are cheap imports from China, that are likely to have the wrong plug, faulty batteries and various other problems. 

Low cost is also an indication of low quality components inside the Swegway which could cause problems when riding and charging.


Amazon actually ceased selling Swegways in December 2015 as they had presumably being shipping units that did not meet UK safety standards.

We would advise extreme caution when buying Swegways on Ebay they are often very cheap which more than likely means they have not been properly tested and contain poor quality components - which ultimately could pose as a danger to your child.

You should buy from our online store because:

  • We have trained repair centres throughout the UK which are there to put anything right if something does go wrong
  • Our customer helpline runs 6 days a week, so when something unexpected happens or you simply have a question which is niggling away, our friendly staff are on hand to help!
  • We're the ONLY Swegway company in the UK to provide UL Certified Swegways.


Check out UK Swegways awesome selection of safe and tested Swegways here.

Gareth A