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Swegway Customization?!


What can you do with a Swegway? You may or may not have seen in the past, but many people have done some pretty inventive things to hover boards. Individuals have taken the revolutionary new products and added their own little twist on it to get themselves into the spotlight. It would be a good idea to take some inspiration on what people have done in the past to see if there is anything that we could introduce ourselves. Cinammon Toast Crunch Cruiser The Cinammon Toast Crunch Cruiser was a concept that was introduced in what looks a city off of the West Coast of America. The idea was to take the functionality of the Swegway and combine it with the most important meal of the day, breakfast, to ensure that no-one missed their breakfast again. To do this, a purple pole was attached to the Swegway with a small bowl on the top. This little contraption allowed riders to then eat their favourite cereal on the go (which of course in America has to be the Cinammon Toast Crunch!) People could be seen scooting round the cities on their purple coloured Cinammon Toast Crunch Cruisers minding their own business and tucking into their breakfast. The proof is in the pudding in the YouTube video below.


First 4 Wheeled Hoverboard

A slightly more traditional, yet effective modification to the hoverboard is the 4 wheel Hoverboard. Simply put, a chassis is added to the hoverboard which allows another pair of wheels to be added onto the product. With a steel frame, the company who created the product, Hovercart, say that customizations can then be added onto the frame, including a decking chair or even a beer cooler!

These are obviously ideas that we may want to adapt ourselves, even if it is just as a one off. It has definitely inspired us and potentially given us an idea which we may be able to incorporate, so stay tuned!

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  • Jamie Tyler