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Swegway Black Friday Deals - Your top 5 questions answered



If you took the internet as a reflection of everyday life, then you wouldn’t be too far off the mark to assume that self-balancing boards were everywhere 

There are so many viral videos, articles, images, and even memes (“That’s Not a Hoverboard: This Is a Hoverboard” – of course with Marty McFly and the Doc). And, we agree, they aren’t hoverboards, which is why we call them “Self-balancing Boards” or Swegways.

If you’re thinking of making use of our Black Friday Sales and buying one for yourself,  or for your child, then you really need to read on. 

1. How do Swegways Work?

They work using a gyroscope. This hi-tech device serves to maintain orientation. As you move along, the gyroscope makes adjustments to maintain its balance. 

For you, the user, what’s important to understand is that they self-balance. It’s can be difficult to adjust to them at first, because you need to put trust in the board’s balancing ability, and ignore your own, which can feel counter-intuitive.

You move around by leaning forwards to go forward, to either side to go in that direction, and by pulling back to stop.

2. How Much Weight Can They Take?

This depends on the individual scooters. The small, 4.5 inch scooters are for children, and can’t take anything above 180lb (roughly 12 ½ stone).

The 6.5 inch scooters are for adults, and can take up to 220lb (15 ½ stone). The larger scooters, 8 inch to 10 inch, can take around 270lb (around 19 stone).

Please ensure that you read the specs before buying the unit.

3. What’s the Top Speed?

The majority of scooters can get up to 10mph, with the Grande's reaching up to 15mph! This is around the same speed an average cyclist will reach.

4. How good is the quality of UK Swegways boards?

You should only buy from our online store because:

  • We have trained repair centres throughout the UK which are there to put anything right if something does go wrong
  • Our customer helpline runs 6 days a week, so when something unexpected happens or you simply have a question which is niggling away, our friendly staff are on hand to help!
  • We're the ONLY Swegway company in the UK to provide UL Certified Swegways.

5. What Colours Should You Get?

Of course, this is up to you, but they come in a massive range of colours, so don’t just settle with any old board.

Our personal favourites is the White Swegway Plus but they can be a bit bulky for some people.

There are plenty of colours to choose from, so it really is a simple matter of personal preference.

We hope that we've answered all of your questions, but if not, then please contact us.



Check out UK Swegways awesome BLACK FRIDAY selection of safe and tested Swegways here.



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