Swegway and the law - here's where you can (and cannot) ride a Swegway – SWEGWAY

Swegway and the law - here's where you can (and cannot) ride a Swegway legally



Various different places from around the world have different laws on riding Swegways in public, so to avoid any unnecessary confusion (or trouble) we thought we would do a quick worldwide list.

Where can you actually ride your Swegway legally and where can’t you?

`There are some huge locations that don’t allow the Swegway based on the fact that there are too many people around and riding within such amounts of people can pose a health and safety risk.

So where are they not allowed?

The UK

In the UK, you can only ride your Swegway on private land. The Highway Act 1835, bans riding Swegways on the pavement or road. Any Swegway riders caught can be fined up to £500 plus any damage they cause!

New South Wales

If you tried riding your Swegway on the roads of NSW, then you can be faced with a  fine of up to a huge AUS$900.

New York

Definitely don’t  pack your Swegway if you are off to The Big Apple! If you are caught riding your Swegway on the streets of NYC, then you can expect a fine of up to $500.

Hong Kong

You are not allowed to ride a Swegway on any streets or pavements in Hong Kong due to the vast amount of people. You can receive a huge fine if caught doing so, up to HK$5000!

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