Spice up your Hoverboard experience with the all new Swegkart!

September 12, 2016
Spice up your Hoverboard experience with the all new Swegkart!

Adult Rider        

  Swegways are always a barrel of laughs, but some of you maybe thinking about new and exciting ways to spice up the experience just to make it that little bit more enthralling. Well, we may have the answer for you; introducing the brand new Swegway Hoverkart, revolutionising how you use your hoverboard! Instead of standing upright on your board, attach the assembly to your board ready for you to sit down on the chair - you'll be like the Lewis Hamilton of Swegways that will add hours of fun to your experience. But why would you want to get one for yourself I hear you say?

Its Quick and Easy! - You know how sometimes it can take you an eternity to set up something, like a new desk chair or even programming your new TV box? You don't get any of that with the HoverKart! Simply unbox and connect to your kart, adjusting it so it will be the perfect size for yourself and you are good to go!

Hours of Endless Fun. - It really just adds that added dimension to your board. Hoverboarding in the conventional way is always great, but why stop there? What would make these karts even better is if you are with a few friends then you can really show off your Karting skills! 

Connect to all models! - We of course have a wide range of hoverboards that we sell, all coming in different sizes. The hoverkart can easily connect to any of these models without losing any comfort! 

We of course aren't pushing you to buy one, but they are selling well! So to avoid disappointment, check them out and see if it is something that would tickle your fancy - maybe something for the family around Christmas! Oh, they are also on offer at £99.99, a massive saving of 40%. We've personally had a go on one ourselves and you definitely don't want to miss out! Pre-Order now ready for delivery on the 20th of September.

Jamie Tyler