See the Ninebot Mini in action!

June 26, 2017
See the Ninebot Mini in action!

Out of all the non-Uk Swegway products that we sell, it is the Ninebot Mini that we discuss the most, some may argue that we wax lyrical about this little transport gadget. And with good reason, it's a very impressive device, with a host of features completely unique to it. 

Produced by a Beijing-based company called Xiaomi, who you may recognise as being one of the world's largest smartphone manufacturers. Xiaomi is the major investor in Ninebot, a company who acquired Segway, therefore while the Ninebot signified a change in direction for Xiaomi somewhat, it also seems like a no-brainer.

Still, many people are yet to see one of these bad boys in action, let me put you out of your misery on that front, here are a couple of videos which will better show off the abilities of the Ninebot.

This video relies on a pretty simple formula, essentially just a guy riding around a big city on his Ninebot, nonetheless the guy is effective in showing off the uses of the Ninebot. This includes it's highly impressive turning capabilities and it's ability to shift at decent speeds on flat ground.  

The user of the Ninebot even garners some attention from passersby who seem shocked and amazed by this gadget. This particular Youtuber also gains quite a crowd when he decides to stop and showcase the fact that you can actually remote control the Ninebot via an app on your smartphone which uses Bluetooth.


To contrast, we have this video which is based in Britain, where the Ninebot was released under the moniker of the Ninebot Mini Pro with some minor differences. 

This video begins in a warehouse like area, showing how the Ninebot glides and floats across flat surfaces with style and grace. From there, this Youtuber takes the Ninebot offroad into a woodland terrain, and really shows the Mini Pro off. He showcases the Ninebot Mini Pro's competence on any terrain, with it's superior balance and decent wheel size.

 Why not take a look at the Ninebot today!


Ameena Nuashahi