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Presenting the Swegway Grande 2017!


It's the largest Swegway in our range and it's back for 2017! With it's 10" wheels, this Swegway really has some fight in it, going over most terrain you are likely to encounter with relative ease. While the X-Trail may be the ultimate in terms of off-road travelling, the Grande works perfectly on both urban landscapes as well as more rural areas, making it not only the largest, but also perhaps the most versatile Swegway in the range. By making use of it's sizeable wheel base, the Swegway Grande offers users a smooth ride almost anywhere.

The Grande boasts an ultra-fast response time, meaning it is easy use for pretty much anyone, this also means that learning to use this is pretty straightforward and can be picked up quite quickly for new users as well as those who have used a Swegway prior.

The Swegway Grande boasts powerful Bluetooth speakers which allow for you to play your favourite music from your phone through your Swegway while riding along. The top speed for this Swegway is 15km per hour, which means that you can gain a decent amount of speed, but not so much so that it is uncontrollable. 

The Grande's tyres are non-solid, inflatable tyres meaning it can switch from riding along a pavement to grass with ease. This makes the Grande's off-road capabilities pretty much unrivalled and unmatched in the field of hoverboards, with only the X-Trail being able to compete with it and possibly surpass it.

For 2017, the Swegway Grande comes in three colour variations, Carbon Fibre, Red and the more wacky Marvel colourway, meaning there is one for pretty much anyone.

To purchase a Swegway Grande online visit our website here.

Also check out UK Swegways awesome selection of other safe and tested Swegways here. 

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