Make sure you know these Swegway tips and tricks to impress your frien – SWEGWAY

Make sure you know these Swegway tips and tricks to impress your friends



If you are looking to get your hands on a Swegway for yourself or your child, or are just looking to take one for a spin, there are a couple of things you need to know.

1 – Read the instructions

We all seem to dodge instructions from time-to-time, but when the product in question involves you standing on a board with two wheels that can go up to speeds of 15km or more, a thorough understanding of how it works is necessary.

By reading the instructions your safety and that of others will be ensured, plus you’ll learn all about its various functions and ultimately get the most out of what it has to offer.

2 – Start in Learning Mode

If your Swegway has a Learning Mode, use it until you get comfortable. Because Learning Modes typically govern the maximum speed of the hoverboard, you can practice balancing and movement without accidentally catapulting yourself into some nearby bushes.

3 – Mounting the hoverboard

As mentioned, mounting a hoverboard for the first time is a little tricky. To make it a little less tricky, hold on to a solid structure like a wall or railing for stability and place your dominant foot on one of the pedals.

Once that foot is on, quickly pick up your other foot and place it on the device and stand up straight. The biggest thing I learned was to just relax and to make sure your body weight is equally distributed on both legs.

4 – Moving your Swegway

I read somewhere that you should “think” of where you want to go and lean into it by shifting your weight forward and pressing down on your toes.

You shouldn’t lean more than about 10-degrees, but the more you lean the faster you go. To move backwards, shift your weight backwards a maximum of 10-degrees, and to stop, simply align your body upright.

5 – Dismounting your Swegway

Getting off your hoverboard is just as tricky as getting on, but it gets less terrifying each time you do it. Make sure your hoverboard has completely stopped, then step backwards with your dominant foot, then quickly step off with your other foot.

6 – Always go UL certified

You may have heard of some hoverboards catching fire earlier in the year, so to protect your property and your safety look for a sticker on the packaging that states the board meets UL2272 – Electrical Systems for Self-Balancing Scooters regulations. ALL of our Swegways are UL certified.


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