Is this the world's fastest Swegway?

May 29, 2017
Is this the world's fastest Swegway?

Remember the guys who brought us the tandem Swegway? Well they are back with another insane idea for modifying Swegways!

This time it is to transform the Swegway into a go-kart type vehicle by adding two large-tyre wheels to either side of the device as well as a front wheel extending from the main body via a metal pole which also acts as somewhere for the user to place their feet much in the same way as our Swegkart.

This Swegway is created in a way which allows it to turn seamlessly even at the high speeds you will see it reach in the latter stages of the video.

You may be thinking that the appearance of this modified Swegway gives off more of an off-road vibe, and while that is true, the main idea behind this build is to create the world's fastest Swegway.

The main goal of the lads is to have the Swegway reach a high speed  far above that of a standard Swegway. If you do not want to know whether they achieve this or not, I implore you watch the video before reading on.

The lads manage to reach around 18 miles per hour, an impressive feat all things considered, rocketing across the flat tarmac on this brilliantly modified Swegway.

While it's not going to break any speed records, if you would like to turn your Swegway into a go-kart, then take a look at our selection of Swegkarts here.

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