Insane Swegway ramp challenge!

April 06, 2017
Insane Swegway ramp challenge!

We've seen some people doing some pretty crazy things on a Swegway but, still, this is pretty mental. Nonetheless it is pretty entertaining to watch these guys trying to jump a foam pit on a two-wheeled hoverboard.

Now, anyone who remembers the Dudesons from their television series will know that these guys are pretty damn mental. Think Jackass but from Finland. The cold climate where they live generally means they are gonna be a lot tougher and therefore a lot more willing to do some crazy stunts.

While Swegways are pretty safe, launch ramps are pretty damn scary to cope with in any form. These guys decide to take it to the next level by not only using their Swegways to go down ramps but they also launch themselves off the other side of the ramp and into a foam pit. While this is all very safe because of the foam to land on, I myself would be nonetheless scared straight by the prospect of launching myself out of a ramp.

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Carlos Forbes