Insane Swegway ice hockey – SWEGWAY

Insane Swegway ice hockey


 We've included videos from the Finnish equivalent of Jackass, The Dudesons, before and therefore know that they are well and truly mental, however, this one just about takes the cake in that department.

Now, in Finland, it is much colder than over here so it is likely they can cope with the cold and subsequently icy terrain much better than us Brits, but I can't imagine that makes using a Swgway on ice any easier. 

Whilst we can't stress enough the wonder that is the Swegway, these things weren't built for use on the ice. For that matter these things hold up surprisingly well when faced with a slippery surface, well they do for some of the users at least. I mean they slide all over the place, but not quite as much as I would've first thought.

Ice hockey is a pretty dangerous sport as it is, for that reason we obviously suggest you don't try this at home, which really makes adding an extra element all the more insane.

Nonetheless you cannot help but admire the skill, determination and downright confidence it takes to actually play hockey on ice but also ride a Swegway while doing so.

If you feel like giving something like this a go yourself, you should check out UK Swegways awesome selection of safe and tested Swegways here.

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  • Carlos Forbes