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How to Reset/Recalibrate your Swegway Hoverboard


‘How do I reset my Swegway to factory default?’

Your Swegway hoverboard could need recalibrating if you are experiencing the following problems:

  • Flashing red lights
  • One side is vertical and the other one is flat
  • Shaking or skipping hoverboards

The best approach to any hoverboard problem should be to reset it first - as the famous saying goes: 'have your tried turning it off and back on again?'

Here's how to recalibrate your Swegway hoverboard:

For the geeky ones out there, it simply resets the altitude gyroscopic sensors by setting a new 0 i.e. defining a new 90 degree between the HoverGlide and gravity.

Scratching your head at the above? See this video tutorial:


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  • Gareth A