How the Swegway became part of everyday life

July 17, 2017
How the Swegway became part of everyday life

The Swegway burst onto the scene around the world in 2014 and proceeded to go from simply a rising star to the hottest item on the market for Christmases to come before proceeding to become a part of everyday life, a new form of transport for the fast-paced 21st Century. Many thought the Swegway may have been simply a trend, but the two-wheeled hoverboard has proved those wrong, still going strong today, the Swegway has shown its true staying power. But, how did it get here? Let's have a little look.

The Swegway first rose to prominence worldwide after celebrities and notable individuals, such as pop titan Justin Bieber, photographer and model Brooklyn Beckham and grime artist JME were all seen using the device on multiple occasions. 

This led to Swegways becoming the gadget to have for the next few years (it's still ongoing) and being on the top of many a Christmas list. From then on, Youtube and blogs were flooded with Swegway-related content, with people reviewing, showing off their insane skills, modifying their hoverboards or defying all logic by performing stunts on the devices. This produces some brilliant results to this day, with there seemingly being no end to the potential of the Swegway.

While not a direct knock-on effect of this boom in social media coverage, the Swegway began to branch out when a diverse range of models were produced, there is a larger model known as the Swegway Grande, an off-road model called the X-Trail and an update on the original Swegway Classic  known as the Swegway Pro.

This level of diversity meant that the Swegway could be used for multiple modes of transportation whether you be commuting or simply having fun, the Swegway could now roam the countryside as easy as it could prowl the urban cityscapes.

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