Here's why the Swegway hype is here to stay – SWEGWAY

Here's why the Swegway hype is here to stay



There’s no denying that Swegways boomed in popularity last year and cropped up practically out of nowhere.

It became the most popular product for Christmas 2015 and dominated both eBay and Amazon. But the question remains, will Swegways go the way of the Blackberry, or worse yet a Furby? We hear at UK Swegways dont believe so…

There are some differences between hover board scooters and the aforementioned hyped out gadgets that came and went years ago.

1) Swegways are a brand new new technology – just like any transportation device, Swegways represent an innovative use if technology to create a new transportation device. If all the hype fades out these items still have their place as an affordable and cool commuter tool, highly accessible and without an exact alternative in the market.

2) Swegways have already seen controversy and came out the other side - Like any new products hoverboards faced scrutiny and attention however despite some negative media attention the market has adapted and the quality control was corrected by manufacturers. Consumers continue to buy them.

3) New models are being released regularly – new and updated models with different features, designs, wheel sizes, speakers etc are continually being released. This means that consumers have tons of new fresh choices and the demand continues.

4) These items are still new -  These items have only been around for a year and a half so it still remains to be seen if they will be a hot item for Christmas 2016.  If hoverboards dominate Christmas 2016 even half as much as they have in Christmas 2015 then it is definitely a good sign for the continued and growing popularity of scooters from what we can see.

Overall, for the time being Swegway Hoverboards are here and don’t seem to be diminishing in popularity.


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  • Gareth A