Here's how the Swegkart actually works - it's genius! – SWEGWAY

Here's how the Swegkart actually works - it's genius!


The Swegkart hoverkart is a simple but very durable attachment which can be put together by following a straight-forward manual which is provided.

Not only is it quick to build it also fits to almost every model of hoverboard from 6.5 inch to 10 inch wheeled hoverboards.

It’s as easy as putting two simple locking-straps on and attached to the sensor pads, adjusting the frame then it’s ready for action!

The controls are really simple with two handles that allow you to control the movement of moving forwards, backwards, turning, stopping and pulling easy wheelies once you get the hang of it.. and the best part is that you’ll go from beginner to pro within no time.

Swegkart Specifications and Features

The characteristics depend heavily on the hoverboard you’re using, so we have listed the main features as well as the specifications and general guidelines that represent the use of this product.

    • Maximum Speed of 12 Mph (depends on hoverboard type)


    • Average battery life of up to an hour of continuous use


    • Max Weight – 220lbs or 100kg (also depends on the hoverboard)


    • Compatible Swegkart: 6.5 inches, 8 inches & 10 inches –


    • Two Control handles linked to either side of the Swegway


    • Extendable Frame for different user heights


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