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Grab yourself a Swegway Classic for cheaper than ever!


The Swegway Classic Hoverboard is called a classic for a reason, it is the original, a widely popular design loved by many across the world. It is a seal of quality. It is no easy feat becoming a classic but by god this device has earned it! 

The Classic has been turned into an icon by rappers, assorted musicians and celebrities due to it's sleek and handy design, allowing for easy, hassle-free travel from point A to point B. First rising to fame from artists like Justin Bieber and JME advocating their usage as a method of short-term travel, the Swegway Classic has only gone from strength to strength, becoming an internet darling with thousands of vloggers across the world doing reviews, challenges and other such videos all themed around this classic hoverboard.

The Classic has since been expanded upon, with the inception of the Swegway Grande and the Swegway X-Trail alongside a number of other similar products such as those produced by Koowheel. There is even a kit which allows you to turn your Swegway into a go-kart called a Swegkart.

Considering all this, it is my pleasure to announce that you can now get a Swegway Classic Hoverboard from only £199! This means that you can now get your hands on a hoverboard in time for the impending scorching months of summer without breaking the bank!

Also, all Swegway Classic Hoverboards are eligible for a Bluetooth upgrade, meaning you can connect them to your mobile devices to unlock new features, we would strongly recommend doing this but they are still bags of fun with or without this upgrade.

 Bear in mind that this sale is only on until midnight, so act fast if you don't want to miss out on this summer's must have gadget at an unbeatable price!

To shop the sale click here and browse our awesome and varied collection of hoverboards and similar gadgets, we promise you will not be disappointed! 

Also check out UK Swegways awesome selection of other safe and tested Swegways here. 

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