Grab yourself a Ninebot Mini for cheaper than ever!

June 22, 2017
Grab yourself a Ninebot Mini for cheaper than ever!

The Ninebot Mini Pro is an awesome gadget, slightly bigger than your average Swegway but smaller than your average Segway. Like the Swegway, the Ninebot is also hands-free, however, the way you control it differs largely. The Ninebot implements a revolutionary knee control system which allows you more interaction with your environment than any other two-wheel ride.

Key features of the Ninebot Mini Pro include:

  • Bluetooth Remote control
  • Keep your Segway updated with software updates via the Mobile App
  • Self-drive function and robot control via the App
  • Up to 10mph top speed
  • Up to 20km range 
  • Self-stabilising non-tip technology

The Bluetooth control feature mentioned above is an awesome feature to have in terms of both practicality and novelty. For instance, this feature could be used to imitate James Bond as seen in this hilarious video. If you would like to learn how to use this feature to it's optimum potential then there is this handy little guide which should show you the ropes and set you on your way to becoming a Ninebot Master!

The Ninebot truly is a brilliant model, it is one of our favourite non-Swegway products that we sell, it really is that good. The knee control system is not only comfortable to use but also easy, on top of that it is smaller and sleeker than your average Segway. We perhaps wouldn't recommend using the Ninebot to go offroad but in terms of prowling urban landscapes or merely zipping around your town or city, the Ninebot is brilliant. 

Considering all this, we are happy to announce that the Ninebot is now on sale on our website, so head on over to check it out here.

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