First time Swegway Rider? Here are some tips to get you going – SWEGWAY

First time Swegway Rider? Here are some tips to get you going



Swegway is the perfect answer for anyone is looking for a one of a kind experience in hi-tech sporting. This amazing 2-wheeled self-balancing device will provide you with the following advantages:

  • Will bring you a whole lot of fun
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Gives you a higher chance of meeting new friends
  • Allows you to be more productive
  • Saves you a lot of walking

To aid you in your Swegway experience, here are some tips and tricks for learning how to handle the Swegway:

  • Start on grass or a soft surface – As a beginner, it is very much expected that you are likely to experience falling down on your face. As with any new gadget you can’t expect to learn it right away, so it is far more practical to start on grass. That way, you can avoid being hurt if you fall because obviously, grass is softer than concrete.
  • Hold onto the wall – If you are by learning by yourself how to use the Swegway, it is highly recommended that you hold onto a wall or something similar while learning how to ride.
  • Use your arms to balance… not your feet! – This is possibly the most important tip that you need to remember. Balance is the main factor in using the Swegway. Using your arms for balance gives you far more control than using your feet.
  • Get a friend to hold onto – It will be way more fun if you have a friend to hold on too while you are trying to learn how to ride the Swegway. You can also share the embarrassment if you happen to fall!
  • Put one foot on immediately after the other – When boarding the Swegway, you need to put one foot on immediately after the other. Definitely do not delay on putting the other foot after you’ve place the first on the Swegway. That’s to help you avoid losing balance! 
Now just get on and tilt your feet slightly forward…. and get gliding!


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    • Gareth A