Even more celebrities are hitting the streets on their Swegways - here – SWEGWAY

Even more celebrities are hitting the streets on their Swegways - here's who



If you’re thinking of buying a Swegway, then you'll be in some great company. Yet more celebrities have jumped on the Swegway hype, and if that’s not a good enough reason to join the squad yourself, I don’t know what is.

Lily Allen

If there’s one celebrity that always seems to be riding about on their swegway, then it’s Lily Allen. She’s been clocked all over the place, and even dancing and carrying around her lunch!

Brooklyn Beckham

Brooklyn has been spotted using his Swegway to play some Swegway-orientated basketball. Undoubtedly this must been Brooklyn Beckham uses his board frequently as that takes some serious self-balancing skill.


Dappy has been a name not mentioned recently, but even we have noticed he’s been hitting the streets on his Swegway! Spotted riding frequently and even taking it to the stage at one of the UK’s biggest festivals!

Amy Childs & Lauren Goodger

It seems that Swegways are gaining popularity amongst the The Only Way Is Essex crew as both of these poignant characters have been spotted out and about on their swegways! Which is probably the last thing you’d expect to see from these two girls, it must mean their super pleased with their purchases!


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