Do Swegways make it easier to do your shopping?

July 03, 2017
Do Swegways make it easier to do your shopping?

Personally, I wouldn't have thought of this myself, nonetheless, it makes total sense when you see it in practice and kind of feel like it is actually a pretty obvious thing to do when you think about it. As you see, it seems to annoy some people, but I can't really fathom why this is the case.

So basically, this guy decides it may be easier for him to use a Swegway as opposed to simply walking when tasked with shopping at a large hardware store. The Swegway's ability to be able to reach decent speeds combined with its superlative cornering make it a pretty perfect device and tool for this particular job. Watch as this guy weaves in and out of people and moves from aisle to aisle on his Swegway.

As previously mentioned, this seems to draw the ire of some other customers of the shop but I'm not quite sure why, the conclusion I reached was that perhaps they are jealous, as if they don't know that you can pick up a high-quality Swegway for pretty cheap these days.

Perhaps the main reason for the Swegway being such a brilliant device is that it is extremely versatile and multi-purpose.

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