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Crazy Swegway tricks at a skatepark


 Now, for starters, don't try this at home! Particularly if you're seven years old, well unless you're this seven year old, but even then I would recommend a helmet.

If you've ever ridden one of our Swegways, then you know it's not as easy as it looks when first starting out, however, after a short bit of time riding on one it becomes pretty natural and therefore easy. Yet, still, this kids mastery of the Swegway is still very impressive, I had to double check that his feet weren't strapped to the Swgway, seriously, does this seven year old have amazing balance or what?

Just watching this kid ride down stairs, ride out of quarter pipes, spin, flip and generally move the Swegway in any way possible is enough to blow even a veteran Swegway user away, especially once you consider the fact that this young lad is only seven years old.

If you feel like giving something like this a go yourself, you should check out UK Swegways awesome selection of safe and tested Swegways here.

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