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Cool Swegway video challenge


 I know we say this about pretty much every video we post on here, but this is definitely one of the coolest Swegway videos we have seen, and that is for a number of reasons.

The first being that this guy has a pretty sweet apartment, I mean who here wouldn't want football goals positioned on opposite sides of a pretty large room flanked by a large window? Well, I can't speak for you lot but I know that I would like that, a lot. On top of that there are some pretty epic looking pillars going from floor to ceiling. And, by the looks of things, there is a balcony also in the mix.

The second reason this video is so cool is because they have two pretty special guests accompanying them for this video. These guests are grime legends JME and Tempa T. Who I didn't actually notice when I first began watching this video. These two not only give the video somewhat more star power but they also make it a whole lot more fun to watch in general. After all, JME somewhat pioneered the use of the Swegway, essentially becoming the poster boy for the gadget in it's early days.

Bearing in mind all these factors and more the video is a pretty good. It's videos like this that really want us to get on a Swegway and make our own!

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