A Swegway race of epic proportions

July 10, 2017
A Swegway race of epic proportions

Swegway challenges are rarely bad, but some are just better than others. Whether this is as a result of the form which the challenge takes or rather certain gimmicks employed in the video and even celebrity guest appearances in some cases.

Most Swegway-based videos take the form of challenges or some such type of video with a clear end goal in mind. When compiling a list of the best challenges, you would have to bear in mind a number of factors, such as the actual skill and difficulty level provided by the challenge as well as how entertaining it is.

I generally find that many Swegway videos sacrifice the actual entertainment value of the video in favor of showcasing their technical prowess on their hoverboards. The video below is actually a great combination of the two.

Epic Swegway Race!

This one is good for a number of reasons on top of the fact they use Swegways with a certain level of proficiency. For starters, the two presenters are exceedingly entertaining and engaging, obviously being good friends, they come across as genuine. Peppered with a few celebrity appearances from relevant stars such as Gary Cahill.

 These lads are brilliant on and off their Swegways, showcasing a natural talent for humor and showmanship as well an obviously good grasp of the actual riding of the Swegway.

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