Being safe is stylish: A guide to looking cool on a Swegway

January 27, 2017
Being safe is stylish: A guide to looking cool on a Swegway

We all get amused seeing Facebook videos of people falling off their hoverboards, but the pain on the other side of the frame can be excruciating, especially when someone falls on hard floor.

If you grab hold of a Swegway hoverboard and wear proper safety gear, you’re good to show off your skills. Here’s a few ways in which you can stay safe while riding the Swegway.

Proper accessories are essential

The most important aspect of riding a hoverboard is to ensure that you wear proper safety gear that would protect you in case of any accidents.

Not just you, even your hoverboards require proper safety gear. The silicon-made hoverboard body protector from Swegway helps absorb unavoidable shocks and scratches on the body of the board.

Know where to Swegway

Hoverboards run smoothly on smooth surfaces. No, they aren’t allowed in a lot of premises with such conditions. The UK has banned mobile boards for over 180 years now and people are only allowed to ride them on private properties.

You can ride your hoverboard in parks, neighbourhoods and other places where people generally ride bikes and skateboards. The best way is to consult with authorities before riding on public streets. Always practice balancing yourself before taking your hoverboard outdoors.

You Can't take Swegways in the air!

Various airline companies have banned people from taking hoverboards on airplanes, these include – Delta, JetBlue, Alaska and Frontier. There are a few carriers that allow hoverboards, but only if they abide by the following regulations:

  • Board must be checked and battery removed and carried on – United
  • Can’t be checked but can be carried on – American, Virgin America
  • Allowed if battery is less than 160 Watt-hours – Southwest


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Gareth A