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Are Swegways the perfect tradesman's tool? This guy thinks so!


Jackson ODoherty from Australia seems to think so! While raking leaves is hardly the most strenuous form of manual labour, it's by no means a relaxing task, but this guy makes it look easy with the help of his trusty two-wheeled device.

Now we wouldn't suggest a Swegway for every bit of manual labour, but it certainly seems like it may come in handy in many situations, such as this:

Now anyone who does joinery and the like would almost definitely welcome any opportunity to make sawing much easier, and the Swegway certainly appears to be doing just that!

But what if you aren't a joiner or a gardener? What if you are say... a painter and decorator? Well this guy has that covered as well...

Now that is just satisfying to watch!

That's still not the Swegways only manual uses, however, what about pulling a heavy load?


The only upsetting thing about all this is that your boss is unlikely to allow you to use a Swegway at work. In which case you will have to settle for having all your Swegtastic fun outside of work. Nonetheless we encourage you to check out our top class selection of Swegways, Segways as well as hoverboards and accessories online. The only downside is that we are unlikely to deliver your goods like this:


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