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About the Ninebot Mini Pro


Segways themselves are pretty large, for many people wanting one, it is a case of having nowhere really to store it in the house, and also they are pretty expensive. Since the development of Swgways or hoverboards, many of these people's problems have been solved, yet some people would welcome the oppertunity to get hold of a device which bridges the gap between the two products.

Look no further than the Ninebot Mini pro, it has been on the market for over a year now, nonetheless it is still a brilliant product. It is about 2 feet high and weighs around 28 pounds, therefore it is easily carried and very portable. On top of this it can travel for around 14 miles on a single charge, meaning you can get the most out of your Segway for only a small amount of charge.

The device also comes with a mobile app for your phone which allows you to control the Ninebot's movement and alarm system with your phone.

It isn't only the size that has been altered, however, you can now get the Ninebot Mini Pro from our website for a reduced price of £499!

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