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Swegways and the future.


Our prediction for the future.

In the 1989 classic Back to the Future II, skateboarding teen Marty McFly and nutty scientist Dr Emmett Brown travel to the future, travelling to the unknown where kids zoom about on hoverboards, flying cars and shoes that tie themselves.

I don't know about you, but here at swegways, we are excited for what the future may hold. What gadgets will be invented next? In some states, even police are using self balancing transporters to fight crime and keep the crime levels down by a substantial percentage. 



Think back to when our parents and grandparents were growing up, they had a remarkably different existence to what we are experiencing now.

We are spoilt for choice with the technology we have available to us.

After objects and new technologies are introduced to us, we then cannot imagine life without it and then we never look back to how things used to be. 



New technologies that have been introduced to us, can play a vital role in who we are and how we live our lives. It could possibly even determine our roles in society. 

It is crucial that we understand that things will always change and are forever moving at a fast pace into the future. We currently surround ourselves with existing technology, e.g. television, games, iPods and many other gadgets that we cannot live without.

Think back to what these products used to be compared to what they are now; black and white t.v, radio, tape decks. 

If you think about it, a LOT has changed.

SWEGWAYS  and SWEGWHEELS originated from a Skateboard which was invented in 1944. Skateboards can also be considered to be a recreational activity, an art form, a job, or a method of  transportation. 

One day, we will all look back at swegways in our history books and this futuristic design will be one of the components that has influenced our future. 


After all, products are designed to make your life easier, otherwise what would be the point in developing and adapting technology that already exists??

They provide entertainment or bring efficiency to your life. Swegways and Swegwheels are skilfully designed and adapted from skateboards. This is a highly effective piece of machinery, Created to make your life easier. 

In life, when we don't understand something, we question it. Back in the days when new products come in, we probably would have questioned them too?

When growing up we probably would have never guessed that self balancing scooters would become a reality. Now that they exist we question them. 

SWEGWAYS and SWEGWHEELS are here and we should embrace them.

We predict that they will become one of the biggest technological advancements in personal transportation.

In the near future, It will be normal to get out of bed and get out your motorised vehicle, in preparation to commute to work or casually ride to school with your friends. 




SWEGWAYS have already been adapted to become more efficient into SWEGWHEELS 

We are currently on the third generation model from 2014 to now, equipped to fulfil the needs of our users. 


What do you think that the future holds for you???

Please post your ideas HERE 

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  • Laura Hodgkinson