Swegway Do's and Don'ts - Rain and Weather

February 02, 2016
Swegway Do's and Don'ts - Rain and Weather

We are getting many enquiries about taking Swegways out in bad weather so we have compiled a list of do's and don'ts regarding the Swegway's durability. 


  • The IP rating of our Swegways is IP52. More about IP ratings can be found here
  • Swegways are not waterproof- they are water resistant to IP rating: IP52
  • Swegways are not designed to withstand bad weather including rain, snow, ice and hail
  • Swegways are not designed for use on muddy or grassy ground
  • Swegways are not designed to withstand water splashed from the underside ie. do not ride through puddles
  • Swegways will be classified as misused if there are scratches on the underside of the board (it is very hard to scratch this without riding the board improperly)


  • Do ensure the Swegway is wiped down with a dry cloth if there is evidence of damp or dust on the exterior
  • Do ensure the charging port is completely dry before attempting to charge the Swegway
  • Do store the Swegway in a clean dry area over 5 degrees and not more than 40 degrees Celsius
  • Do fully charge the Swegway before storage
  • Do ride the Swegway with two feet at all times
  • Do keep within the maximum speed limit and gradient limit at all times
  • Do follow all of the safety information 
  • Do ensure the Swegway is regularly recalibrated



  • Do not attempt to ride the Swegway in wet weather
  • Do not ride the Swegway in muddy or grassy areas
  • Do not store the Swegway in wet or damp or very cold conditions
  • Do not store the Swegway with zero charge
  • Do not ride the Swegway if the underside of the footwear is wet or muddy as mud and damp can make it's way into the sensors under the footpads
  • Do not attempt tricks or jumps on the Swegway
  • Do not ride the Swegwayif it isn't calibrated


If you have any questions or queries about the durability of Swegways that is not covered in this article please don't hesitate to call one of our helpful staff for more information or .

Laura Hodgkinson